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Sport Chiropractor near me

Sport Chiropractor near me

Have you been suffering from a sports injury? Have you been looking for a sport chiropractor near me? Well, Falcon Health is here to help.

There are countless benefits to doing daily exercise and taking part in sports activities. Doing exercise can help you feel healthier and happier. Not only does it improve your physical health, taking part in sports activities also improves your mental health.

Have you been suffering from a sports injury?

However, there are certain risks involved with taking part in sports exercises and activities. Often, you can injure yourself when playing sports. Searching for a sport chiropractor near me? Get in touch today to book your first session. Let’s dive deeper into what causes sports injuries.

What causes sports injuries (everything you need to know)

There are many different ways that sports injuries can occur. Some of the most common causes include:

· not warming up or stretching properly before exercising

· an accident (such as a fall or slip)

· using the wrong equipment

· not using the correct technique when exercising

· pushing yourself too hard

How to avoid getting sports injuries

There are a few things you can do to avoid getting a sports injury.

Often, these injuries can occur at the gym. Using the wrong equipment or technique when working out can easily cause injury. Ask a member of staff at the gym to instruct you on how to use the equipment properly before starting. This might seem like a pain, but it saves you from injury in the long run.

This is also important if you’ve purchased a piece of home exercise equipment (like an exercise bike or treadmill). Look up tutorials on how to set up your equipment properly. Make sure you have plenty of space to exercise. Check that the equipment is set at the right height for you before starting.

Stretching and warming up before you exercise is vital when it comes to avoiding injuries. Warming up and stretching allows your muscles to loosen up and get ready for exercise. It’s a good idea to warm down after you exercise as well. Warming down allows your heart rate to slowly return to normal. It also lets your muscles and tendons slowly relax.

How and when to treat sports injuries

Treating a sports injury soon after it happens is a good idea. Injuries that are left for a few days or hours can quickly become even worse. Treating them speedily means that you can get back to exercising soon with a shorter recovery time.

Resting the affected part of the body for the first 48 to 72 hours is very important. To help reduce tenderness and swelling, try applying an ice pack. The ice pack should be wrapped in a tea towel or cloth before being applied to the area. Gently ice the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours. This should help reduce swelling.

One of the best ways to treat a sports injury is to see a licensed chiropractor. Here at Falcon Health, we are chiropractic experts and are ready to help you feel better. Looking for a sport chiropractor near me? Get in touch today to book your first session and start feeling better!

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