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Building healthy bones- everything you need to know

Often, as children we are told to eat lots of broccoli or drink glasses milk. We are told that this will make our bones ‘big and strong’. But what are some steps that you can actually take towards building healthy bones? Here at Falcon Health, we are here to help. We are industry experts who provide chiropractic care amongst other specialist services. Today, we want to dive deeper into how you can strengthen and protect your bones.

Building healthy bones- everything you need to know

Why does bone health matter so much?

This might sound a little obvious but having healthy bones is vital to your overall health and wellbeing. Our bones support us and allow us to move. They make up the framework that is our bodies. Our bones also store important minerals like calcium and phosphorus. These minerals help keep your bones and the rest of your body strong and healthy.

Having poor bone health can lead to weaker bones. These can be prone to breaking and recovery times are usually long and painful. Having good bone health minimises these risks and helps keep you safe.

Let’s have a closer look at the things you can do to start building healthy bones.

Ways to improve bone health and wellness

There are a number of things you can do to improve your bone health. A combination of these things is the best way to work on building healthy bones.

Eat lots of vegetables

This is an easy way to not only improve your bone health but also improve your overall health. Vegetables provide lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates bone-forming cells. Vitamin C has also been shown to have antioxidant properties. Eating vegetables also helps improve bone density, making your bones stronger. Why not try adding just one portion of veg to every meal.

Make sure you are eating enough protein

This is very important for your bone health. In fact, 50% of bone is made from protein. White meats, like chicken, turkey and duck, are particularly good for you. Red meats are also fine but must be eaten in moderation. Too much red meat can cause heart problems.

Are you vegetarian or vegan? No worries! You can still get lots of protein from other sources. Nuts, seeds, soy protein, green vegetables and lentils are just a few examples of high-protein foods.

Include high calcium foods in your diet

Getting high levels of calcium through your diet rather than supplements is a good idea. Calcium is the main mineral that your bones are made of and so is crucial for good bone health! Calcium rich foods include seeds, yogurt, cheese, lentils and beans. Including just one of these in your everyday meals can greatly improve your bone health.

Try high-impact and weightlifting exercises

Specific exercises can help improve your bone and muscle strength. Strength-training exercises can help your bones and muscles grow stronger. Make sure you always warm up and stretch before exercising.

Another way to improve your physical health is to have chiropractic care sessions. Get in touch today to book your initial consultation.


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