Diagnosis Treatment Rehabilitation 01444 257 555
Diagnosis  Treatment    Rehabilitation       01444 257 555

Tension; Inability to relax; Migraine Prevention

Sciatica; Disc injury; Whiplash; Arthritis; Frozen Shoulder

Sports Injury & Rehab.

Physiotherapy, Spots Therapy & Massage Clinics

Treatment for All Ages

Variety of manual therapy; cranial techniques; soft tissue



We would like to welcome our new Consultant Physiotherapist, Mr. Marcin Laska HCPC CSP, to the Burgess Hill team.  His Saturday appointments are sure to go quickly so call to secure yours and avoid another waiting list!   01444 257 555


"My pain was so bad and I 'had to live with it'... now I feel like a different person.  I recommend Falcon Health to everyone!"  Laura


"Results from Falcon Health have been incredible.  I can now walk without a stick, and feel like me again - Thank you!"  Hazel



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