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At Falcon Health we want to give you the best possible treatment. Our experienced team of chiropractors & physiotherapists will get you back on your feet – and stay there!

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Back & Neck Pain • Headaches & Migraine • Joint & Muscle Pain


Chiropractic is a healthcare profession dedicated to the non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.


Whether you have suffered a sports injury, pain from a condition or general mobilisation issues, our specialist physiotherapy treatment in Burgess Hill can help you!


At Falcon Health, we provide sports therapy to help athletes recover from injury and enhance their athletic performance through a variety of treatments.

What we help with at Falcon Health

Group 10

Posture & Back Injuries

Injuries that seemingly come from nowhere! Weakness & imbalance that comes from work or sitting postures predispose us to these injuries. Add repetitive activities, weekend sports or DIY to a weakened body and injury follows.

Group 7

Arthritic Injuries

When it comes to wear & tear, arthritis doesn't cause stiffness - stiffness causes arthritis! Tension that builds in joints, whether it's painful or not, eventually leads to wearing of that joint. When your body needs help it lets you know with pain.

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Sports Injuries

Injuries can be very sport and athlete specific. Your work or school life, previous injuries and "growing pains" can all delay recovery. You can come back stronger and improve your performance too!

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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

What are the causes of neck pain? Most people experience some type of neck pain at some point in their life. This could be due to a number of causes but identifying the type of pain and treating it effectively, rather than just taking painkillers, is key to stopping the pain from returning in a worse form.
Back Pain

Back Pain

Whether it derives from an injury, or a chronic condition, back pain can be painful and debilitating. So, it is essential to know what are the causes of back pain and how chiropractic care can help you.
Knee Pain

Knee Pain

The knee is the largest joint in your body, and it’s good to watch for any pain or swelling. Knee pain is quite common and can affect people of all ages. There are a few things you can do at home to relieve the pain, but if it persists, it’s a good idea to contact a chiropractor or physiotherapy clinic.

Words from our happy clients!

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Stella Rogers
Stella Rogers
4 June 2024
I have been going to Falcon Health since they were in existence. Ben is brilliant along with Siew the other chiropractor.
Alexander Oecken
Alexander Oecken
21 May 2024
Ben has saved my football career twice in the last 10 years. Excellent, efficient and affordable!
Jason Gayler
Jason Gayler
19 April 2024
Absolutely brilliant. I have been to a fair few chiropractors over the years and Ben at Falcon Health has, by far, had the most impact on my aches and pains. Ben is friendly with an in-depth knowledge of the body, ably explaining what is happening and his solutions for this. I feel rejuvenated after sessions with him and see the benefits of a regular sessions to keep my body, particularly back and shoulders, free from the daily pain I was experiencing before. Thank you.
Nicola Kate
Nicola Kate
4 April 2024
Me and my mum having been going to Ben for years. We’ve had many laughs together, always answers questions in ways we can understand, and particularly with mum has been extremely helpful in helping with her chronic illness. Will always recommend going to see him!
Rachel Godsell
Rachel Godsell
10 May 2023
Ben has helped heal my back and I have so much more movement in my shoulders since tearing both rotator cuffs at different times over the years. He astounds me with his superior knowledge and has a cracking personality.
mei-mei Heryet
mei-mei Heryet
18 April 2023
18/04/23 (1st post 5 years ago below this one!) Hubby and I still see Ben for our regular check ups. Highly recommend Ben for his immense knowledge of the spine and nervous system. Plus the fact he is such a lovely and attentive person. We both look forward to our adjustments and know that we would not be as healthy as we are without them. This below was posted for first time 5 Years ago! I have been having chiropractic care for the past 17 years on a regular basis (to keep me in tip top shape and to prevent future problems happening). I have had many chiropractors during this time I can honestly say that Ben Harris DC MRCC is within the top 4 chiropractors. He has a delightful personality who is also extremely attentive and professional. Ben's adjustments are just brilliant. I cannot wait until my next check up at Falcon Health.
Sally Golding
Sally Golding
29 November 2022
Always a good and very professional experience, I leave feeling better every time! Thanks Ben x
Juliet Patterson
Juliet Patterson
16 October 2022
I started seeing Ben just over a year ago for chronic headaches. Over many many years I've seen countless clinicians & tried many different medications, also tried Accupuncture. Nothing helped. This all changed after a few sessions with Ben, & headaches have now drasticly reduced in frequency. I now go once a month for top-up sessions, & live in fear he will move! Highly recommend. Lovely clinic, professional, knowledgeable, welcoming, & very reasonable prices.

Our Treatments

Extremity Adjustment
Activator Technique
Sacro-Occiptal Technique
Sacro-Occiptal Technique
Cranial Work
Western Acupuncture
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Chiropractic Rehabilitation
Chiropractic Rehabilitation
Drop Table Technique
Drop Table
Falcon Health Treatment Fees

Our treatment fees

Whether you have pain behind your knee or your back is twitching in pain, we can help.

​We offer simple, honest flat rate pricing for all our services. No upfront payment is required, fees are due at the time of each appointment and we offer several payment options.

Treatment Discount Schemes & Corporate/Club rates are available.

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At Falcon Health, we’re all about giving you the best possible treatment. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking to keep active, our integrated team of chiropractors, physios and sports therapists will help you get back on your feet – and stay there.

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