Diagnosis Treatment Rehabilitation 01444 257 555
Diagnosis  Treatment    Rehabilitation       01444 257 555

Tension; Relaxation Issues; Migraine Prevention

Sciatica; Disc injury; Whiplash; Arthritis; Frozen Shoulder

Sports Injury & Rehab.

Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy & Massage Clinics

Treatment for All Ages

Variety of manual therapy; cranial techniques; soft tissue


COVID-19: We're Now Open for Essential & Urgent Care!

Our PPE Training & COVID-19 Policy is complete! MSK Specialist & Clinical Director, Benjamin Harris, is now taking appointments in Burgess Hill.

Call us on 01444257555 for more details.


"My pain was so bad and I 'had to live with it'... now I feel like a different person.  I recommend Falcon Health to everyone!"  Laura


"Results from Falcon Health have been incredible.  I can now walk without a stick, and feel like me again - Thank you!"  Hazel



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