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Orthotics- What are they and how can they help you?

Orthotics- What are they and how can they help you?

One of the lesser known services that Falcon Health provides is orthotic services. Today, we want to dive deeper into orthotics and how they could help you.

What exactly are orthotics and orthotic services?

Orthotic services provide prescription insoles, heel inserts, splints, braces, shoes, spinal jackets and helmets. These orthotic services can help people recover from injury or treat lifelong conditions.

What exactly are orthotics and orthotic services?

An orthosis is placed to modify or correct functional and structural issues of the neuromuscular and skeletal system. The orthoses can be used to support the limbs of a patient.

The specialist creation, supply and fitting of these orthoses can dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life.

How exactly can orthotics help you?

Orthotic services can help you in a number of ways. Often, they are used as part of a larger treatment plan. This plan may involve physiotherapy, acupuncture or chiropractic treatment. A combination of different treatments can help target different areas and reduce pain. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch today to speak to one of our experts. We are here to help!

Orthotics are much more than your everyday shoe insole or pad that you can pick up from a sports store. They are highly customised and prescribed shoe and heel inserts. The correct use of an orthosis can help reduce pain and re-align different areas of your body.

What conditions can orthotics be used to treat?

There are lots of different conditions that the use of orthotics can help treat. Just some include:

· Arthritis- discomfort and pain in your feet can be significantly reduced

· Back pain- poor positioning of the arches in your feet can cause back pain

· Bunions- these painful bumps that form on your feet can cause foot deformities

· High arches- high arches can exert pressure on your feet and cause back and knee pain

· Heel spurs- this is a condition where excess bone in your heels causes swelling, inflammation and pain

· Plantar fasciitis- this condition causes pain and stress on your heels

· Hammer toes- this condition is often caused by bunions and can create pain and deformities on the balls of your feet

· Flat feet- this condition can cause heel, ankle and foot pain

· Diabetes- this condition can often cause a loss of sensation or swelling in your feet

· Bursitis- the inflammation of fluid-filled sacs in your heels and toes can cause pain and discomfort

· Sports injury- a sports-related injury can often cause pain in your feet, ankles and heels

All of these conditions can be treated by the use of orthoses. Orthotics can be used to re-align or re-position your feet and ankle bones. They can also be used to help reduce discomfort, inflammation and pain.

Have you been suffering from toe, heel or ankle pain? Well, here at Falcon Health, we can provide expert orthotic care. We also offer an incredible range of other chiropractic care. This includes services like physiotherapy and sports massage (plus many more). Contact us today to book your initial consultation and start feeling better.


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