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Working from home giving you the right pain in the neck?

Throughout the years, online workers are growing in terms of numbers. This became more prevalent of late with the occurrence of the global pandemic, COVID-19 which has turned many homes into workplaces.

Working from home entails a lot of benefits as you can be with your loved ones while earning a living. However, there are also risks that you must take into consideration especially on your health.

Since you are comfortable in your home compared to your office, you can fall into this trap. Now you are wondering what kind of trap, we are talking about here.

The Trap of Having a Bad Posture

Well if we are working at home, there are no restrictions. So we tend to overlook our posture while we are working. The bad thing is we are working on extended periods which makes things worst.

As a result, we become prone to postural tension, muscle and neck pains and, in more severe cases, scoliosis, muscle, and neck pains. This is expected as most of the virtual workers usually sit down extensively without doing any variations at all when it comes to movements.

This specific routine gives a lot of unnecessary pressure to our spine. When taken for granted the act can give a chronic consequence on the different parts of our body particularly on our neck.

How to avoid neck pains when working at home?

This is a big challenge for people who are just new in a work from home setup. The act of being comfortable compared to when you are working at the office makes it hard for virtual workers to do what is right for their overall health.

However, it is not yet too late. Below we list some various ways that you can use to avoid neck pains working from home.

  • You must work on a table with a proper height and distance from your chair: This is important because our neck has been experiencing unnecessary strain if the table’s height is too high or short. Also, you must be mindful that you are sitting comfortably at a proper distance from the table.

  • Always correct your posture: Having an erect posture while working can be challenging. However, do take it seriously by practicing it every time you sit on your chair to work.

  • Do neck exercises regularly: This is the most overlooked part when it comes to general working out at home. We tend to focus on our arms, abdomen, legs, etc. overlooking one of the most vital body parts which is the neck. Do not worry because exercising your neck is pretty easy. You will just do a variation of sideward then forward and backward movements.

  • Eat healthy foods: It is known that vitamin B enriched foods which are mostly present in vegetables and fruits are a true benefit for our bodies. Vitamin B is great for our nerves, it can prevent the occurrence of pain in the various areas of our body. So, if you are still eating unhealthy foods, be sure to alter your diet.

  • Reduce your stress levels: You can lessen your stress by not overthinking, taking time off from work, staying away from negative people, and most importantly by being positive. This will lessen stress levels which will let you live in a much more harmonious manner giving you healthier overall wellbeing.

  • Follow the 20-minute rule: While you are in the act of working from home, you should take pauses every 20 minutes. This will make your muscles and joints less tense. Also, it will ensure a better blood flow.

Aside from the different ways that we have listed, a visit to the chiropractor is also the best way to avoid or treat a reoccurring problem in the neck. Not only that, if you are working at home you could also have the following problems because you are prone to exceed the working hours that you have compared if you are at the office.

What are the other problems that you might encounter while working at home?

Now you know that working from home can make you more prone to neck pain. But there are other problems that you can encounter too. Since we are sitting for extended periods in front of the computer, you must be aware that you may also experience the following:

· Bad back pain

· Sprains

· Headaches

All of which can be alleviated for you by a visit to your local chiropractor.


Neck pain can be extremely annoying and debilitating. It deprives you of being 100 percent productive because you only have limited movements. So, if you are working at home, it is great if you put some discipline in your day. Be sure to maintain proper posture and along with that practice all that we listed above to keep moving and alleviate any aches and pains.

For any further advice, do not hesitate to contact us here at Falcon Health, for a free telephone consultation.


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