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Life after lockdown

Life after lockdown

There is no doubt that the pandemic has affected almost all aspects of our lives greatly.

We have been required by the government to stay at home to contain the virus. Based on experience, lockdowns made our family closer as most of our time was spent at home.

There are lots of instances where things get boring while we are on quarantine. It is truly a life-changing experience. Now after a year, the same old scenario is happening, many countries are still on lockdown.

As a result, many business establishments have closed their doors temporarily and some even permanently. This made a lot of people depressed because they just have lost their livelihoods.

It has been hard to accept especially when you reminisce about our life before the pandemic, where we could go wherever we wanted without wearing face masks and shields or in short without any restrictions.

This pandemic has truly challenged a lot of us not only physically but also mentally.

What to do after the lockdown has ended?

Whilst we are continued to be plagued by this virus it is hard to think about how we can cope with life after it has subsided, and it is once more safe again to socialise and get back to everyday lives. This is important for our mental wellbeing. Even though the problem persists, we must be aware of how we can manage ourselves when our restrictions are lifted or changed.

  • Try to keep your mindset on the pre-COVID19 times, be sure to still apply what you have learned during the pandemic; although there are lots of bad things that happened during this time, it is beneficial to your own mental health if you continue to look at the brighter side of life.

  • Overcome fears: Since the virus had put a significant fear in the society, there might be a presence of trauma for some people after the lockdown. It can be stressful and might put unnecessary limits on your movements or decisions in your daily life. You must try to have a mindset that the pandemic had ended already, and go about your life as best you can, keeping the practices of regular handwashing, distance and space wherever possible to protect yourself and those around you.

  • Learn a new skill: If you want to be competitive in the job market, you have to be very versatile and skilled. Most especially, there are lots of new technologies that require you to learn something new. This will help you get the job or be successful in your new venture. Or take up something relaxing that you get fulfilment from, it could be gardening, painting or even learning a new language!

  • Get back on track: Your business or work may have been affected by the lockdowns imposed by the government due to the coronavirus. Many experienced that globally, so you are not alone. However, the past is past and everything has happened already. You must not dwell in the past to live in the present and future. This will help you move on from what has happened during the pandemic even if it is so heartbreaking to you and your family. Focus on the future.

  • Pay debts: In case you have debts because of the lockdowns, it is time to work on paying them. This will be a good practice as you’ll have peace of mind once you have finished paying your debts. You can jot your debts in a notebook and set a goal that you should pay each of them on a particular timeline.

  • Be thankful: After all the restrictions and all the trials you’ve personally experienced have ended, try and be thankful. Reflect on all that is good in your life. You have survived the onslaught of the coronavirus. Always remember that some people have sadly experienced much worse during this pandemic. You always have something to be grateful for. Reflect on that.


Going back to your old life after the pandemic can be a bit challenging. Some of us do have to recondition our minds that everything is now back to a new normal. This is because of the trauma that we all have undergone due to the pandemic. Some lost not only their livelihoods but also their loved ones. Recovering back to our old state after the lockdowns imposed will still take time depending on the difficulty that each individual has experienced.

Nevertheless, having as much positivity as you can muster is very important. It will speed up the recovery time needed for you.


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