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What happens if you take headaches for granted?

Everyone here in this world has probably experienced headaches. Well, it is no joke that whenever we have one, we can’t help but feel excruciating pain which makes us feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Here at Falcon Health, we want to help you identify and treat your headaches.

They are already a part of our lives that we can’t avoid. There are various types of headaches and the reasons why they occur.

Though there are numerous ways on how to prevent them. We should not ignore the fact that some of these types of headaches are much more serious than you’ll ever know.

There are two major categories in identifying different types of headaches which are primary and secondary. It is important to take note of what type of headache you’re experiencing at the moment.

My headaches are usually because of stress but there are other factors why they occur. Some headaches fall under the primary headaches category. This is the type of headache that is not involved with any other medical condition.

These are headaches that we commonly experience due to engagement in various activities or emotional distress that triggers them.

Meanwhile, the following are considered secondary headaches which are primarily caused by an existing medical condition:

– Accidents that inflict trauma on your head

– Nasal allergies or congestion

Brain illnesses

– Elevations in blood pressure

– Improper dosage of over-the-counter medications

– Infections

– Tumours

What triggers headaches and migraines?

– Emotional distress, anxiety, and depression

– Poor posture

– Extreme changing of weather

– Drinking too much alcoholic beverages

– Inconsistent patterns in eating or sleeping

– Poor lighting

– Noisy environment

What are the various headaches and their signs and symptoms?

• Migraines – to easily identify if you have a migraine, usually you would feel an average to critical pain in your head. It is a thumping pain that lasts from four hours minimum to three days maximum. You will also feel nausea, stomach pain, and sometimes sensitivity to bright lights, loud noise, and strong odours.

• Headaches caused by medication overuse – If you regularly intake pain relievers to relieve your tension headaches or migraines, this will lead sooner to frequent headaches which are called Medication Overuse Headaches. These headaches will cause you severe pain which is usually felt during the mornings.

• Child headaches – If you have young ones who experience headaches frequently, try to check the factors that cause them. This includes their diet, sudden change in sleeping patterns, stress due to school or any possible factors, and the environment that they have.

• Sinusitis – Headaches due to sinus problems can be diagnosed if you feel that your sinuses are heavy and swollen. Intense pain can also be felt in your nose, eyes, and cheekbones which gets worse if there’s a sudden head movement. One of the common symptoms of sinus headaches is the discharge of mucus since your sinuses are heavily congested.

• Tension headaches – The consistent light to moderate pain will be felt on both sides. This is due to the contraction of the muscles found in your head. The pain can be worsened if you involve yourself in activities such as running, bending, or jumping.

• Nerve-ending headaches – It is a type of headache wherein a particular nerve found in the eye region is triggered. It causes constant sharp pain with a burning sensation. Though these headaches occur cyclically, it is still considered as one of the most painful types of headaches. It usually lasts for two to twelve weeks.

• New daily persistent headaches– It can be easily distinguished on how frequent it occurs, with them lasting for more than 12 weeks. If you’re feeling a consistent pain on both sides of your head, then you can consider it as a new daily persistent headache.

Signs and Symptoms

There are some signs and symptoms of headaches that need to be addressed immediately. These are usually considered as symptoms of a much more serious disease or illness that requires medical attention as soon as possible. Some of these symptoms are:

– A severe headache that occurs instantly

– Headache that is associated with fever

– Serious headache pain

– Headaches due to an accident or head injury caused by a blunt trauma

– Headaches that are related to neurological symptoms including paralysis,
dizziness, seizures, mental illness, poor vision, etc.

It is advisable to seek a doctor as soon as possible in case some of the symptoms mentioned above occur. These symptoms shouldn’t be ignored or disregarded for these may be signs of a more serious illness or complications in your body.

Having this knowledge about the different types of headaches and their symptoms is very important. Because of this, you’ll be able to identify immediately what type of headache you are experiencing at the moment. You’ll also know what the proper medications are needed for treating your headache.

As a person who’s responsible for his or her well-being, you should not take those headaches for granted since you may never know what triggers them. If you disregarded them, these will lead to much more serious complications inside your body which can also lead to the worst-case scenario, death.

Be aware and mindful of what you consume and what activities you’re engaging in. Those are the top factors that cause headaches to individuals like you.


When it comes to headaches, chiropractic clinics are the best places to visit. Falcon Health is right here to ease the pain in your head. The clinic is using effective chiropractic techniques wherein the area where the pain occurs will be targeted.

Book an appointment today to start feeling better. Remember, health is wealth and that is why investing in your health is a great thing to do.


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