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At Falcon Health, providing high quality physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment to our clients is of paramount importance. Many clients may wonder, is physiotherapy for me and how do I know if a physiotherapist is any good?


Well, at Falcon, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and provide the best possible service to our clients. Hence, we are constantly looking for opportunities to learn more about our field and the practices we provide. Today, we discuss how attending the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists’ (CSP) campaign on strengthening, called ‘Stronger My Way’ and how it helps us enhance our service.


If you would like to learn more about our services, or are if physiotherapy is for you, then explore our website or contact us today on 01444 257555 or info@falcon-health.com.

What is ‘Stronger My Way’?

“ Stronger My Way has been built using the findings from an 18-month insight project with physiotherapy staff and people with lived experience and co-produced in partnership with patients and professionals” – CSP, 2022


Physiotherapy staff are invited to attend the session on the Best Strength Health Collaborative programme, run by NHS England and NHS Improvement. The aim is to help improve the quality of strengthening services, with a focus on patient experience. The campaign is ultimately designed to enhance the understanding of both therapists and patients to inform decisions and support decisions when questioning if physiotherapy is right for individuals.


The campaign, which is supported by National Lottery funding distributed by Sport England, is built around a hub on the CSP website with two entry points – one for the public and one for professionals.” – CSP, 2022


For Professionals

The campaign is designed to support physiotherapists who offer strengthening services and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the field. This ultimately will enhance the level of service physiotherapists provide and thus aid our treatments on various conditions.


The evidence is clear that strengthening is an important part of rehabilitation, but it is not always clear how to discuss this with patients. It is important to be clear and concise in your explanation, and to make sure that physiotherapists are addressing the patient’s concerns. Physiotherapists should also emphasise the importance of adherence to the programme, and be sure to follow up with the patient after they have completed the programme.


The campaign is also designed to help professionals signpost patients to the best training for behaviour change, motivational interviewing, health coaching, and shared decision-making. This is an important part of providing quality care to patients and helps ensure that they are getting the best possible treatment. Professionals who attend the campaign will be able to refer their patients to the right resources and help them make the most informed decisions about their health.


The ‘Stronger My Way’ campaign also provides a range of resources to support professionals in their conversations with patients about exercise. These resources include videos and a goal-setting planner, which can help physiotherapists to discuss the importance of adherence to a programme with their patients. The goal-setting planner is also designed to help patients set realistic goals for themselves, and to track their progress over time.


The campaign is also designed to help professionals understand health inequities and deliver culturally competent services. By understanding these concepts, professionals will be better equipped to provide quality care to all of their patients. The campaign is designed to be interactive and will include a range of resources that professionals can use in their own practice.


For the Public

‘Stronger My Way’ is also designed to educate the public and help them answer the question, is physiotherapy best for me?


The course includes introductory videos to get started with strengthening. This includes recommendations and exercises designed to educate the public on why they may experience various issues, and how and why exercises help to combat this. This allows potential clients to begin combatting their issues and then understand why physiotherapy is useful in conjunction with strengthening.


The campaign is also designed to provide reassurance and advice that it is safe and beneficial for quality of life. This is done by delivering articles that are written by physiotherapists. The aim is to provide the public with accurate information that can be trusted. By increasing our clients’ awareness of the field, therapy becomes more effective as the understanding is high for both the client and physiotherapist.


The course is designed to be personalised, with stories of others who have seen positive results from getting stronger their way. This will help potential clients to feel more confident in asking the question, ‘is physiotherapy treatment going to help me?’ Additionally, it is hoped that by providing real-life examples, it will further encourage people to get started on their own strengthening journey.


Importantly, the campaign includes resources to help participants track their progress and fit strengthening into their daily lives. These resources will be made available to all participants after the campaign. This is designed to enable participants to maximise their progress, particularly with strengthening. This reduces the need for physiotherapy treatment, but also enables physiotherapists to understand the progress of their clients and thus provide accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Is Physiotherapy Going to Help with Strengthening?

In a word… absolutely. However, it is important to understand why.


This is why NHS England and NHS Improvement have teamed up to create ‘Stronger My Way’. It is designed to help Physiotherapy staff and other stakeholders better understand their condition and potential solutions, as well as how they can benefit from it.

At Falcon Health, we are dedicated to providing physiotherapy to combat multiple conditions through strengthening. We understand that many people are not sure where to turn for help. That is why we offer extensive treatment to our clients suffering from many conditions.


At Falcon Health, we provide bespoke treatment plans for each client to ensure they get the best possible treatment. This includes therapies such as manual therapy, medical acupuncture, taping and exercises. These are all designed to solve the issue, but importantly strengthen the body to prevent issues or injuries from recurring. When wondering ‘is physiotherapy for me?’, we believe that it really is suitable, as it provides many strengthening exercises and education. Our expert Consultant Physiotherapist, Marcin is highly experienced at dealing with clients with a variety of conditions. To schedule a consultation, book now!


Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the ‘Stronger My Way’ campaign, then head to the CSP website. Alternatively, if you’re wondering ‘is physiotherapy for me?’ then head to our website. Explore our many treatments, or contact us today on 01444 257555 or info@falcon-health.com.


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