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What happens when I hurt my knee?

What happens when I hurt my knee?

Here at Falcon Health, we understand that knee injury is a very stressful experience. It’s problem of the joint that connects our upper and lower leg bones. It’s the one responsible for bending our legs and supporting our body weight.

An injury in the knee can happen in all people of different ages and for a variety of reasons. Here are the parts that help our knees to do their job such as:

· Bones

· Cartilage

· Ligaments

· Tendons

· Muscles

These parts are the ones that are prone to several injuries or damages which can lead to a painful knee.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different and most common causes for a knee injury. We’ll split them into five parts, namely:

· Infection

· Trauma

· Metabolic

· Connective tissue disorders

· Degenerative disorders

Let’s start with infection, the most common infection in the knee is called Cellulitis. When not treated early on, it can affect a larger area of the knee. It is a serious bacterial infection.

The infection can start on a simple scrape. So never underestimate a simple scrape or wound. The infected area may feel hot and the skin is very tender when touched, the skin will also appear reddish.

Those are some of the symptoms of cellulitis. As I said, the infection may spread in other parts of the body; this includes the lymph nodes and bloodstream.

You can self-treat cellulitis by taking antibiotics. By doing so, symptoms and signs usually disappear in few days of medication.

In some cases, septic arthritis can occur in the joints of the knees, an infection that causes swelling, redness, and pain. In some instances, people reported that they also had a fever.

As long as you tend to that simple bruise, wound, or scrape, medication will be easy and effective. Taking cellulitis and septic arthritis for granted can lead to permanent damage to the knees.


There are a lot of reasons your knees can acquire a trauma. Our knees are built in such a way that is prone to risks that can hinder the knees’ full functionality.

There are three main ligaments in the knees and they are named as the following:

· Anterior cruciate ligament

· Medial collateral ligament

The tears on them trigger an injury in the knee. These injuries in the ligaments often happen to athletes.

A change in direction or a sudden twist can cause an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament.

In some cases, a direct impact on the knees can cause an injury to the posterior cruciate ligament. On the other hand, injuries on the collateral ligament are caused by direct hits on the area.

Overworking or overstretching can cause knee trauma. swelling, ruptures, and tendinitis cause extreme knee pain. Lifting heavy objects, jumping, and running can cause tendon injuries which can also lead to knee trauma.

The term used for the irritation and swelling of the patellar tendon is called Patellar Tendinitis. A severe case of this injury will require surgery to treat the injury.

All About Knee Bursitis

In other cases where injuries are minor, a splint can be used to fix the position of the knee which can help in the recovery process.

There are small fluid-filled sacs in the knees that are called bursae. They are the ones the make the tendons and ligaments glide over joints with ease. A direct and sudden hit to the front of your knee can injure the bursae, causing inflammation.

This injury is called knee bursitis. This can lead to extreme pain, hotness in the area, inflammation, and stiffness in the knee. Symptoms can be treated by therapy and oral medications.

Serious cases of knee bursitis may require the use of steroid injections. Following such medications can lead to a natural injury recovery that may not need surgery.


Fractures are caused by collision or fall. This can directly damage the bones of the knee. The kneecap is one of the bones of the knee that can be damaged.

People with the degenerative disorder may break their kneecaps by stepping on something in the wrong way. Serious fractures may require surgery to recover.

In some cases, injuries may move the kneecaps out of place. Nowadays, doctors can easily replace the kneecap.

They just need to know what part to fix by using the X-ray to check. In most cases, a splint is used to help the tissues on the kneecap to heal.

In some cases, surgery is needed to prevent further dislocations. There’s a more dangerous thing than a dislocated kneecap and that’s a dislocated knee.

Although it is rare, it only happens when a serious accident occurs. They are the one that causes a heavy and strong direct hit on the knees. This injury can be treated, but it is very painful.

Degenerative Disorders

Degenerative tissue disorders are the most common occurrence in the knee. Degenerative tissue disorders usually happen because of aging. Osteoarthritis is one of the things that can cause degeneration in the cartilage and tissues on the knee.

There is no cure for degenerative disorders but you can live with it through therapy and exercise.

Connective tissue disorders are a lot different than degenerative tissue disorders. It is because the immune system damages the joint tissues directly.

Rheumatoid arthritis is one example, it causes a painful swelling in the knee joints. Like degenerative tissue disorder, there is no cure for connective tissue disorder. But some medications and treatments can help ease the pain you’re feeling.

What is gout?

Gout is one example of metabolic problems; they affect the joints directly which can lead to extensive damage to the knee.

Gout is a kind of arthritis that is formed from uric acid crystals. They can be very painful as they swell. Severe pain behind the knees can be a sign of gout. Uric acid forms in those areas which result in pain

The inflammation of the knee can seriously hinder its functionality. Good thing is, there are medications to get rid of the crystals that form gout.


Regarding that, Falcon Health will give you wholesome treatment to your knees. With chiropractic therapy, the pain will be reduced.

The Falcon Health team is composed of experts that will help treat your knee problems. Health is always above anything else and prevention is always better than cure. Chiropractic can both prevent and cure knee problems in no time.

So it would be a great option for you will try this chiropractic treatment. You’ll surely never regret having this as it will make your overall wellness great again.


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