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Lower back spasm treatment

Lower back spasm treatment

Lower back spasms can be quite painful and annoying to deal with, but the good thing is, they can be treated. A change in lifestyle and certain treatments can help ease the pain and intensity of back spasms.

There is no telling when a back spasm will occur, it happens suddenly. It is often caused by late physical injury. Lower back spasms are common in pregnant women, dehydrated people, or from an unhealthy lifestyle.

How does it feel to have lower back spasms?

What happens when lower back spasms occur? The muscles start to tense up and contract to result in various feelings from annoying to extremely painful.

People tend to feel muscle spasms on their lower back, and sometimes when the intensity of the pain is high, it can affect other muscles as well. Some people experience back pain and had the pain affected their hips or legs.

Here are some symptoms for lower back spasms:

· Hard to move after bending or picking up something

· Sudden and intense pain in the lower back

· Chronic pain in the lower back

· Cramps that keep on coming and then go

· Pain in the lower back and hips

· Tension in the lower back

There are also records of people having their lower back spasms worsen when they do specific things like standing for so long or while sitting. There are two categories of lower back spasms, the first category of the lower back spasms is called the acute lower back spasms.

These are the unpredictable spasms, they happen suddenly. Often occurring when you lift something or when you change your position. This category of spasms can cause immense pain and can make movement difficult.

The second category is called chronic lower back spasms. This category of spasms happens regularly and is not injury-related. Some people develop chronic lower back spasm after a back injury.

Relief for lower back spasms

There is no telling when an acute lower back spasm may occur, but when it does, it can be really painful and annoying to deal with. You may find yourself unable to move properly. Good thing is that I have these tips that can help you ease the pain once it emerges.

Massage the Area

The first thing you can do when the lower back spasm appears is to massage the affected part. Applying pressure on the affected muscle may help it in reducing tension and stop the spasm.

To ease up the pain of a muscle spasm, massage the affected area for about 30 to 60 seconds, then in a circular motion, rub the surrounding area. Massaging can ease up the pain, sure, but still, be careful. If there is a pulsating sensation on the area you are massaging, do not apply pressure.

Cold or Hot Compress

The second thing you can do to put relief on the lower back spasm is to put an ice pack or hot compress in the affected area. Both of these treatments can help reduce the inflammation and muscle tension in your lower back where the spasm occurred.

You can alternate the use of heat and cold treatment. To do this, start by applying a hot compress to the affected area for 20 minutes. Right after that, take a rest for another 20 minutes before applying the ice pack for another 20 minutes.

Remember to not apply a very hot or a very cold ice pack directly on your skin, use a towel to wrap them before applying it on the affected area on your lower back.

Over-the-counter Medications

The next treatment is an over-the-counter medication. These require the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen. Although this medication will not give you instant relief for your spasm, it will help you slow it within 30 to 60 minutes.

The fourth treatment you can try is muscle relaxants. A doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants when the spasm is extremely painful and visible. Take note that you can only use muscle relaxants for up to 72 hours.

For the last treatment, you can drink water, or drinks with electrolytes. Muscle spasms also occur when you are dehydrated, by drinking water or a drink with electrolytes, you can replenish your body.

This kind of treatment and prevention at the same time, so always remember to drink water and keep yourself hydrated to prevent lower back spasms from happening and causing serious problems for you.

What is the best treatment?

Right now, there is no doubt that chiropractic therapy works best on muscle spasms. Regardless of the portion of your body that is experiencing it, this treatment works.

Just be sure that you get the services from certified chiropractic clinics. Just like with Falcon Health, we are experts in this industry.

The best practices are what we keep in mind every time we treat our patients. As a result, we will heal the patients’ by properly treating them and with utmost care using chiropractic therapy. Just message us if you have questions and inquiries and we will be happy to assist you.


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