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Lower Back Pain – How To Treat Muscle Spasms

Lower Back Pain - How To Treat Muscle Spasms

Have you found that after a long and tiring day from work, there is an irritating kind of pain found in your lower back? Was there a time that you had a difficulty in bending, stretching, or even standing straight due to lower back pain?

Do you feel that there’s a sudden contraction of the muscles in your lower back after doing a heavy or strenuous activity? Well, you’re probably experiencing some form of a lower back pain muscle spasm.

Lower back spasms are excruciatingly painful since they inhibit you from doing almost everything that you want to do.

Signs and Symptoms of Lower Back Pain Muscle Spasm

Some common signs and symptoms of lower back pain due to muscle spasms are evident and can be felt in an instant. These signs and symptoms are:

– Difficulty in moving or switching into another position after bending

– Abrupt pain in your lower back muscle

– Constant lower back muscle pain

– Tensed muscles found in your lower back

– Occasional cramping feeling in your lower back muscles

– Muscle fatigue

Common Causes of Lower Back Muscle Spasm

There are lots of common causes of lower back pain due to muscle spasms. Usually, muscle spasms in your lower back are often caused by doing strenuous work or activity.

These are some of the common causes of lower back muscle spasms:

· Engagement in Active Sports

Some sports usually require a sudden change in the direction of your movement and most of them are truly tiring and exhausting. Some examples of these sports are basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, golf, and much more.

These active sports typically require you to change your position in an instant, causing your lower back muscles to sometimes overstretch.

· Existing Injury

Some of the most common injuries that induce spasms in your lower back muscle are strains, sprains, and such. A sprain is ligament damage or tearing, whereas a strain is a tendon or muscle rupture. Both can result in muscular spasms and lower back discomfort. Sprains and strains are commonly caused by overstretching of the lower back muscles or stumbling.

· Problems regarding Poor Posture

You must have already noticed that whenever you stay in an uncomfortable position for a long time, your lower back muscles feel strained and worn out. This is because your lower back muscles try to adjust in your current position. It often leads to them being overstretched. It results in painful contractions in your lower back muscles.

· Stress

Being stressed regularly contributes a lot to having sudden painful lower back spasms. Whenever we feel stressed or anxious, our muscles tend to contract and tighten, thus increasing the possibility of experiencing painful lower back muscle spasms.

· Problems associated with Existing Medical Conditions

A huge possibility of experiencing painful lower back muscle spasms is typically due to an underlying disease or medical condition. Some of these medical conditions include arthritis, disc problems (displacement or herniated discs in the spine), scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and many more.

· Lack of Exercise

Sometimes, our muscles become stiff due to physical inactivity, that’s why it is important to do regular exercises including basic stretching and other types of strengthening exercises at least every morning. Being physically fit is a big help in preventing frequent lower back muscle spasms.

Medications and Treatment for Lower Back Pain Muscle Spasm

Lower back pain due to muscle spasm is extremely painful. You can’t help but to immediately think of possible ways in relieving the pain as soon as possible. There are several available medications and possible treatments for frequent lower back pain muscle spasm that you can get to alleviate the pain.

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

Doctors and specialists usually prescribe NSAIDs to their patients especially to those who are suffering from certain medical conditions such as arthritis. Though NSAIDs and painkillers are common in many aspects, NSAIDs are also effective in reducing inflammation and lowering fevers. There are available over-the-counter NSAIDs that can be bought from the nearest drugstore in your area.

Physical Therapy

Undergoing physical therapy is a huge help in alleviating the pain caused by lower back muscle spasms. You can arrange a schedule with your preferred physiotherapist and they will be the ones who’ll develop a therapy plan that is suitable for your condition. Here at Falcon Health we have our own in-house physiotherapists ready to help.

Enough Rest

Always remember that after all, we are still humans and not robots, so it is of utmost importance to take enough rest to help your body especially your muscles to enhance and develop, preventing the possibility of lower back spasms.

Chiropractic Therapy

There is no doubt that chiropractic therapy is a great treatment to relieve spasms.

Falcon Health offers the best chiropractic services and have a wealth of experience and satisfied patients.

If you are experiencing pain then do not hesitate to contact us.


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