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Knee Joint Inflammation

Knee Joint Inflammation

Our knees are the largest joints in the human body, which connects the upper thigh and the lower leg. It is vital when it comes to our mobility and well functionality.

Knees are highly prone to injuries and certain medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, etc.

A swollen knee is very painful; standing straight and bending will be highly challenging to do. Suffering from this kind of pain can significantly affect your performance at work or your day-to-day activities.

What is the Inflammation or Swelling of the Knee Joint?

Knee joint inflammation, often known as knee effusion or knee bursitis, is a condition in which a sac filled with water called bursa is swollen or inflamed. It causes extreme pain in your knee cap or deep inside your knee.

Like knee cartilage, the bursa is like a soft cushion that helps your joints’ ends move smoothly without them brushing hard on one another.

Inflammation or swelling of the knee joint often results from an existing disease or medical condition, an injury, or the constant overuse of your knees.

Risk Factors of Knee Joint Inflammation

Ageing – When people tend to get older, there’s a high possibility or chance of having knee inflammation due to an underlying condition such as arthritis.

Increase in Weight – Sudden increase in your weight dramatically affects the strength of your joints since it applies pressure on the joints found in your knees, causing them to deteriorate and weaken gradually.

Active Participation in Sports – Involvement in strenuous sports such as sprinting, basketball, volleyball, and such are some of the most significant risk factors in having swollen or inflamed knees since you are prone to injuries like sprain, twisted knee, etc.

Some Major Causes of Knee Joint Inflammation


Most people who suffer from knee joint inflammation could be suffering from osteoarthritis. Several studies and observations have proven that osteoarthritis is probably the most common cause of having a swollen or inflamed knee. This is because the cartilage found in between your joints in the knee starts to deteriorate and decline. It results in stiffness and inflammation, bringing severe pain in the knee area.


Gout can affect any joints in your body, including those found in your knees. The build-up of crystals in your knee joint eventually leads to experiencing severe pain and swelling in the knees.

This condition may be treated with the help of medications or treatments prescribed and advised by your doctor or physician. Getting treatment for gout is a big help in alleviating the pain and swelling of your knee joint.

Physical Injuries

Having a physical injury, especially on the knee area, is one of the significant causes of knee joint inflammation. Involvement in strenuous activity or sport or being hit by blunt force trauma eventually leads to inflammation and pain in your knee joint. Redness, bruising, and tenderness of the knee are some of the evident signs of having an injured knee.

Your injury needs to be checked by GP or specialist to apply the immediate treatment.

Possible Treatments for Knee Joint Inflammation

– Actively engaging in strengthening exercises that can help strengthen and nourish your joints, such as walking, jogging, step-ups, leg curls, single-leg raise, and many more.

– Do not overuse or overwork your knees. Learn how to take breaks in the middle of heavy work that usually requires frequent knee movement.

– Have a proper and balanced meal or diet that helps your muscles and joints acquire the nutrients and minerals necessary for strengthening and enhancing them.

The Best Option

When it comes to treating knee joint inflammation, chiropractic therapy is a perfect choice. It can solve a lot of pain-related problems regarding knee inflammation.

However, be sure that you only get the services of a certified chiropractor. Falcon Health has a wealth of experience in this arena. We combine the best practices and safety measures to help heal your pain. Rest assured that you are in good hands. If you want a quote on our services, call or message us.


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