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Best MSK Health Webinar

Best MSK Health Webinar

Today, we will talk about the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) newest free webinar on Musculoskeletal issues – ‘Best MSK Health Programme”. We discuss what it is, how to find it and how it can help a good physio and their patients.

Learn About the Best MSK Health Programme

What is the Best MSK Health Programme?

Physiotherapy staff and other musculoskeletal (MSK) stakeholders are being invited to attend a free webinar to find out more about the Best MSK Health Collaborative programme, run by NHS England and NHS Improvement.” – CSP, 2022

The Best MSK Health Collaborative programme is run by NHS England and NHS Improvement in order to improve the quality and value of MSK provision.

The course is meant to sustain the delivery of personalised, evidence-based, integrated healthcare that reduces health inequalities and is available and valued by all.

If you are a physiotherapist, or work in any other area of MSK care, then this webinar is for you. It will provide you with an overview of the Best MSK Health Collaborative programme and explain how you can get involved. Being involved in this programme can have a range of benefits for your organisation, including improved quality and value of care, reduced health inequalities and increased patient satisfaction. Furthermore, the webinar helps to educate patients on a variety of issues, and increase their understanding of a variety of issues and solutions to be used in conjunction with physiotherapy.

This webinar is extremely beneficial to both professionals and clients alike. It is designed to increase the understanding of all parties involved in therapies and therefore enhance its effectiveness.

Event Details

The Best MSK Health Collaborative programme is a national initiative that is run by NHS England and NHS Improvement. The collaborative will be hosting a free webinar about their national programme on Thursday 28 April, from 4.30pm-6.00pm. The webinar will be of particular interest to physiotherapy staff, but all MSK stakeholders are welcome to attend.

The online event, which will be available via MS Teams, will provide attendees with an opportunity to understand more about the collaborative’s national priorities for MSK in 2022/23. The webinar will also give delegates the opportunity to ask questions about the programme and how it might benefit their organisation or their own conditions.

The Event also allows participants to learn about the latest developments from the Best MSK Programme. Details of the programme’s High Impact Strategy – updated for 2022 will be shared during the webinar. The strategy is designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce variation in care across England.

Furthermore, the MSK recovery and transformation guidance toolkit will be shared. NHS England and NHS Improvement have recently published a new primary and community care MSK recovery and transformation guidance toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help local NHS organisations deliver high-quality, patient-focused MSK services. It provides advice on areas such as commissioning, workforce planning, and training, all of which are part of any good physio service.

The toolkit was produced following feedback from frontline clinicians who identified a need for more practical guidance on how to deliver good quality MSK services. It has been developed in collaboration with a range of national organisations, including the Royal College of Physicians and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

The toolkit is free to download and can be accessed on the NHS England and NHS Improvement websites. This toolkit will be discussed in more detail during the webinar.

Why This Benefits Physiotherapists

Any good physio is willing to learn. The Best MSK Health Collaborative programme is designed to improve the quality and coordination of care for people with MSK problems. It will do this by building on the good work that is already being done by physiotherapists and other MSK stakeholders. This is great news for physiotherapists, as it will mean that they can continue to provide high-quality care for their patients, while also benefiting from the improved coordination and collaboration that this programme will bring about.

Ultimately, a good physio should always be willing to learn more about their field of study. This course is incredibly valuable to therapists as it only increases the understanding of the national expectations, thus ensuring that therapists’ services are at a high standard and provide the best level of care possible. The Best MSK Health Collaborative programme is free to attend, so be sure to sign up today to find out more about how it can benefit you and your patients!

If you’re a good physio or MSK professional, it means being part of a wider team that’s working to improve care for all patients. You’ll have access to training and resources that will help you deliver the best possible care for your patients. And you can share good practice with other professionals, helping to improve outcomes across England.

How it Benefits Clients

So, what’s in it for clients and other stakeholder of MSK? The aim of the Best MSK Health Collaborative programme is to improve patient experience and outcomes by sharing good practice, driving innovation, and supporting local improvement. This will be done through working collaboratively with physio staff, other MSK professionals and patients. The overall goal is to provide consistent high-quality care across England.

If you’re a client, this could mean getting better access to services that are tailored specifically for you. This could be anything from physio to advice and support on managing your condition day-to-day. You might also find that services are easier to access, with more convenient appointment times and locations.

As a stakeholder such as a client or stakeholder, this course could result in working more closely with professionals to ensure that the voices of patients are heard. This will help to improve communication and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

All in all, the Best MSK Health Collaborative programme is good news for everyone involved in MSK care. So why not join us for the free webinar? It’s sure to be informative and insightful, and will lead to an improved level of care for MSK issues.

Why Falcon Health?

If you are searching for a good physio for MSK issues, Falcon Health is the place to go. We are experts in providing physio treatment for all kinds of MSK issues. In addition to our high-quality services, we also offer extensive communication and education to support our patients. This ensures that our clients get the best out of their care and are confident in our treatment.

To find yourself a good physio, or to learn more about our services, contact us today. Our experts are always on hand to discuss our treatment plans with clients and inform you on how we can help. Alternatively, explore our website to learn about our other treatments, including chiropractic care. To book a consultation, click here, or contact us today on 01444 257555 or info@falcon-health.com today.


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