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5 Balance Exercises to do After a Knee Replacement

5 Balance Exercises to do After a Knee Replacement

A knee replacement can be a daunting experience, both physically and emotionally. However, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. One of those is to perform some balance exercises. These exercises will help improve your balance and stability, which can be helpful after a knee replacement.

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Here are five balance exercises you can do after a knee replacement:

1. Standing with one foot on a chair

2. Standing on one leg with your arms out to the sides

3. Standing on one leg with your arms raised above your head

4. Balancing on one foot with your eyes closed

5. Walking heel-to-toe

We strongly recommend that you consult a fully trained physiotherapist or your doctor before attempting any of the exercises listed above. Our Saturday physiotherapy clinic is a great way to get started with your rehabilitation.

After knee replacement, physiotherapy can help restore mobility and function. It can also help provide comfort from nerve pain from scar tissue or from wearing clothes over the surgical site. Physiotherapy can also help maintain strength in surrounding muscles to prevent complications such as knee instability caused by under-developed quadriceps muscles.

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective ways to treat knee replacements. It has been shown that it can be used to improve knee function and muscle strength in patients post knee replacement surgery.

These type of exercises also helps patients deal with pain and improves their quality of life. Many different types of exercises can be done during treatment including knee strengthening, balance, and gait training exercises.

Some physiotherapy treatment plans may also include home exercise programs or exercises at a gym. Doing knee strengthening exercises after knee replacement surgery will help the knee to recover over time by increasing the knee’s range of motion and muscle power.

It’s easier to do knee replacement surgery if the knee already has certain ranges of motion because it bends backward, bends forwards, rotates in. It is important for knee replacements to maintain knee health and perform functional tasks such as bending and rotating in a knee joint.

If you need any pre-surgery advice or treatment after knee surgery please do get in touch with Marcin here at Falcon Health.

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