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Neck & Shoulder Pain - including Frozen Shoulder & Whiplash


Like back pain, neck pain is very common, with the majority of people suffering at some point in their lifetime.  Some episodes can resolve very quickly and easily, as your body heals naturally without any complications.


Other neck pain can become repetative, recurring enough to become almost a constant problem.  Incidents such as road traffic accidents can cause whiplash, which can persist for a long time even with painkillers.  Whipash is only one of the many forms of neck pain.  The neck joints, ligaments, muscles and discs can all play their part in causing pain and stiffness.  This can be associated with arm pain, headaches, migraine and even vertigo (dizziness).  Sometimes shoulder problems can be associated with neck pain, adhesive capsulitis ("Frozen Shoulder") being perhaps the most debilitating.


Chiropractic care and rehabilitation is an effective way to treat neck pain and frozen shoulder.  The best way to proceed is to form an accurate diagnosis before explaining appropriate treatment to get you better.


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