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Just as every case differs, so does the treatment that’s needed. Physiotherapists are there to help those suffering the effects of injury, disease or illness, fight or cope with pain, discomfort or a lack of mobility.


In every instance, they are called on to put together a regime drawn from a wide range of techniques, but tailored on individual situations and needs.


Therapy is primarily aimed at relieving pain and restoring maximum function in order that patients can return to their normal lives. This involves rehabilitation following injury, and/or setting up pain management systems for those suffering from debilitating diseases.


Physiotherapists will find themselves dealing with those who are very healthy, like athletes injured during a game, for whom quick and intense rehabilitation is necessary. Also they will also encounter those dealing with degenerative or chronic illnesses such as Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis, among others. For these people, pain management and coping systems are essential.


Sports Injury

We are experienced in dealing with various sporting injuries and will work with you to get back to full strength through a variety of treatments and exercises.

Child Physiotherapy

Pre and Post Op

Whether you are preparing, or recovering from an operation, our treatments can help to ensure your recovery is as quick and smooth as possible. 

Senior Physiotherapy

We focus on the source of the problem and not the symptoms

We want you to get back to a normal and active life as quickly and safely as possible. Instead of treating your symptoms for temporary pain relief, we focus on identifying the source of the problem and treat that for long lasting results.

We want you to see lasting results. Our team members will assess a variety of movement patterns and postures while empowering you with education and exercises so that you can reduce the risk of re-injury and prevent new injuries from occurring.

We understand that the human body is incredibly interconnected. We use a variety of technology and techniques to detect and treat not only the underlying cause of your problem but also other areas of your body that might be contributing to the problem.

Education & Advice

Advice on everyday things to help you recover quickly! Including: posture, lifting and carrying techniques, and lifestyle

Exercises & Advice

We tailor exercises to you to aid your recovery and ensure you recover from any injuries stronger than before and remain strong

Manual Therapy

We use our hands as well as the technology to identify issues and relieve stiffness or pain effectively to encourage better bodily movement

What We Do




Application of heat and ice to relieve pain and increase movement


Tape is applied to certain areas to encourage recovery and provide support


Light, Sound & Electrcity are used to relieve pain and stimulate muscles


Stretching the back to separate vertabrae and release nerves in the spine


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