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Chiropractic & Physiotherapy


At Falcon Health we are best known for offering you proven and effective help with your back pain, neck pain, sciatica and muscle spasm - although patients consult with us for a wide range of other injuries and problems including headaches, migraine, arthritis of the hip and knee, frozen shoulder and many more work and sports related injuries.


Whether you have postural issues, have to sit or stand for long periods, have a heavy or repetative job, your spine, pelvis and other structures take the load.  When your spinal or other joints are put under too much pressure, the nerves, muscles, bones, discs and blood supply can all be affected. Our approach stems from the physiological fact that the nervous system co-ordinates the body and relates the person to their environment.


Your modern day, Falcon Health Chiropractor is registered with the General Chiropractic CouncilBritish Chiropractic Association & Royal College of Chiropractors; has been trained in clinical anatomy & neurology, orthopaedics & biomechanics and; has specific skills needed to identify causes of pain & other symptoms.  This then allows evidence based treatment and rehabilitation to be prescribed.


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Treatment Techniques


Chiropractors & Physiotherapists are well known for using manipulation, soft tissue & muscle manipulation and exercise techniques to help you get better.  In chiropractic you will hear the term 'adjustment', which we define as a specific manipulation, given for a specific reason.  Some adjustments create a gentle 'pop' from involved joints, some require less force or slower movement, some are more 'pressure point'-type work and some involve special tables or equipment.  Your Chiropractor will discuss the type of techniques required and explain if some are not possible is your case.  We treat from infants to the elderly, and athletes too - and choose techniques accordingly!


We use other techniques to help enhance and guide our adjustments. These include S.O.T. (Sacro-Occipital Technique - Advanced Level), Dry Needling (western or medical acupuncture), and N.A.T. (Neil-Asher Technique, Osteopathic shoulder work).


We also have a dedicated Sports & Remedial Massage Clinic offering massage, soft tissue stretching and further one-to-one rehabilitation.


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If you are unsure of which techniques are the most appropriate why not call to arrange a complementary chat with us or even drop in!


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